Wall mounts for B&W CDM-1NT?


Need to wall mount my CDM-1NT for rear surround speakers. Anyone have experience doing this with these speakers? Any suggestions on a good, adjustable wall mount bracket? Thanks for the help!


I would build 2 very small well damped shelves if possible...I'm going to be moving my cdm 1nt's to the rear ultimately and would rather not have to drill into them in order to use ome kind of bracketing system. You can make a floating shelf that does not show any brackets below it so the aesthetics would also be nice in my opinion.

just my 2c
Check my system pics, my 1SEs got screwed. I am sorry I cant remember the manufacturers name. The place where I bought them has since gone out of business too.

There is a ball that mounts on a shaft to the back of the speaker(really). That fits in a clamp mounted on a shaft which attaches to the wall vertically. You definately want to screw a stud, not just drywall (ack). I had my builder install 2x12s between the studs to give additional mounting integrity and flexibility.

I couldnt be more pleased.