Wall mounting Totem Rainmakers

I posed this question as part of a larger thread on the misc. forum but no one responded.

I'm buying new speakers and after demoing a lot I think I want the Totem Rainmakers. (I also loved the Dreamcatchers, in fact, possibly even prefer their midrange and gorgeous soundstage for vocals, but ultimately I think I'll miss not being able to have more bottom end.)

I have a one-year-old and am afraid to put the speakers on stands bc there's too high of a chance she'll bang into them as she's just starting to toddle around. I called Totem and they said wall mounting Rainmakers is perfectly fine, though they don't offer wallmounts for them and I'd need to use a third-party manufacturer. (Not a prob - I found a pair that hold up to 50 lbs and hold the speakers via adjustable bracket on bottom/sides that won't mark or alter them.) My concern/question is - will the Rainmakers sound too boomy/bassy wall mounted since they'll be so close to the wall? They sounded beautiful, and perfectly balanced in the several stores I listened to them, but they were on stands or a shelf. I could get the Dreamcatchers, which are smaller and I suspect wouldn't suffer from being wall mounted, and get a matching sub. But I've always preferred the unified sound of two speakers rather than a sub and satellites. Any advice or opinions would be great!
Kid proofing your listening space is not terribly different that pet proofing your listening area. Fact of life ... speakers on stands will get tipped over. Your child or pet, for that matter could get injured and you would blame yourself forever ... so why go there?

Two of my systems utilize bookshelf speakers. I place them on shelves inside of bookcases. Not perfect, but perfectly acceptable. The give-up in audiophile niceties such as soundstage is more than made up for by the peace of mind that my pets can not accidentally hurt themselves.

In shopping for speakers, I look for sealed box or front ported designs. There are some rear ported designs that sound perfectly fine near the rear wall. You can always plug the rear ports with foam. When wall mounting speakers, just don't wall mount the speakers smack against the wall, but rather use wall mounters that allow for a little space for a rear port to breathe. If the bass sounds smeared, stuff the port. Also take some care in tacking the speaker cable.

You'll be fine, the speakers will sound pleasing, your child will be safe ... no brainer.

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You might want to contact Totem on wall mounting Rainmakers. Vince and company are quite helpful to prospective customers.
My biggest problem with little ones wasn't getting hurt so much as my daughter loved to touch the drivers. She pushed in more than 1 dust cap.
Strong grills are wise. Personally, I went to floor standers so they couldn't get knocked over.
Thanks for the advice all. Rich, good point about stuffing the rear port if I need to. That makes me feel better - now I know I at least have an option to tweak the sound if need be.
Is it possible you may be able to mount them from the ceiling instead?
Hi, I'm using the floorstanding Arros from Totem, they sound great at 11" from the rear wall. I would think that the dreamcatchers or rainmakers would sound great as well on wall-mounted stands. I used to use a pair of Target wallmount stands with Celestion DL4's in a shop and everyone loved the sound. They mounted via two screw holes on the bracket, and then the plate could even swivel. A little bluetak and they were extremely solid.
Good luck.