Wall mounting on studs

Hi everyone,

I'm mounting my turntable on the wall, and the shelf system is designed to span over 3 studs (and uses all 3). Since my studs in the wall are currently not where I want them to be, I'm just going to open up the wall and install new studs so my shelf can be installed exactly where I want it to be. My question is, should I just add new studs running vertically from floor to ceiling, or can I add 2x4s horinzontally between the existing studs that are 16" apart? I'm not concerned about cost or difficulty - I just want to know from a performance point of view, what's best to minimize vibration to the shelf?


I did wall mounting once. It sounded dreadful.
I've never understood mounting audio gear to the structural components of a house.  Any door slams or such transfers vibration into the walls and ceilings.
@vegasears  Works fine in homes made of concrete blocks. Wooden homes are pretty bad all round.
If the wall you will be mounting to is not a load bearing wall please be very very careful.  First time I put my tt on a wall shelf, the shelf was not mounted to a load bearing wall and it actually made matters worse.  In my particular case that wall was very resonant (I found out); probably due to the pocket doors in the same wall at the opposite end of the room.  Sure, the footfall problem had been solved, but I was then not able to listen to music at the same volume as before without inducing terrible feedback.  I reconfigured my set up and moved the wall shelf to a load bearing wall and the problem was solved.  Good luck.
I forgot to say, I personally would never mount a TT to anything except vibration free concrete, brick, block ... wood studs, you are essentially mounting to the face of a drum.