Wall mounted Maggies...any experience ?

These seem have a high WAF! Got to be better than 'cubes'!
Can they blend with a box center channel style speaker ?
Thank You.
Depending upon your controller\receiver, the Maggies wall mounted can blend with a box center. If you have a processor where you can set the crossover in 10 Hz increments, that is best. They won't play anything below 100 Hz. Using most receivers, just set them to small speakers. I've heard them with a ProAc center, and while the Maggies are more open, they blended surprising well. I actually preferred them over the ProAcs we were using as surrounds, which are not dipole.

You aren't going to get any slam with them of course, but what they do, they do better than any speaker I've ever heard wall mounted. Voices are clear, strings and orchestral music open & detailed. I've also heard 4 wall mounted, with a Maggie center and Paradigm sub, amazing value for the money. I own Maggie 1.6's, and just mounted the wall surrounds last month. I can't tell you how much more enjoyable they've made movie watching.

And yes the WAF factor is a huge plus. Lay them flat against the wall when you aren't using them, and they almost look like a decoration. Except for those pesky wires hanging down, which you can almost make disappear also. :-)