Wall mount turntable stand

I want to make a wall mount turntable stand, has anyone experience how to make it / which wood ?
Robert, Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page:


for a good overview of TT wall mounts incl. DIY. I do not personally recommend wooden construction for two reasons,
1.) It's hard to achieve absolute rigidity with wood or wood joinery, and
2.) The shelf unit is going to weigh more itself for comparable strength to metal.

Better solution is a stock unit like a Target, or a B. Bags if you can afford one. Use beefier lag bolts and fill the square tubes with urethane foam for damping. Add your own shelf to taste (could be wood if that's what you want) but get rid of their crappy MDF stock shelf, or laminate it to something else like granite.

Best solution: Lag T-shaped welded members to the sides of two (or three) adjoining studs before drywalling. The protruding legs hold the shelf of your choice. If I were building a dedicated room, I'd place everything on this kind of shelf system and not have anything sitting on the floor except amps and speakers.