Wall mount TT shelf recommendations

Hi all,
Looking to move my turntable to a wall mount shelf.
I have looked at the target shelf offered by music direct and it seems like it would do the job. Any other shelves anyone has used with success? Anyone tried to build their own shelf? My budget is around $200.00 +/-
Halcro seems to have a lot of input on this topic. Look up some of his posts in the archives.
I just purchased the Target shelf myself and it works very well..If I had to do it over again ,I would still by the Target shelf,but I think I would opt for the older ( more rigid ) style Target Turntable shelf ..It just seems to be built a little better..
I would go with the Target pro model. It is a little larger and substantial. Also consider the 2 shelf model(which I beleive is the pro size)
If you scroll down on this Osage Audio Products page, you will find an Audio Elegance wall shelf. A great feature of this wall shelf is that it is designed for the top to come off, thus allowing you to mass load the interior with sand, etc.

It's probably over your budget, but worth investigating.
I know there is a diy site building one using heavy brackets,with your choice of platform.
The Audio Elegance TT shelves appear to range in price from $1299 - $1599.

Way over your budget.

What's the DIY site? I'd also love to install one... although I'm very afraid this effort won't pass WAF (it will have to next to the TV in the (small) living room.
My Linn was absolutely unusable due to my springy floors, but the problem was totally cured by the Target shelf. I expected some improvement, but not the virtually total isolation I achieved. The dog can jump down off the couch and not a flutter. Another good thing about the target is that you can easily change shelf materials - At least in the case of the Linn, the sound changes substantially with what it sits on. I've found Corian works the best for me, but it's easy and cheap enough to try a piece of glass, wood, or whatever.
The Target is good, I use to sell them, still have a couple of them somewhere. You will need a stud finder or good luck in installing it.