Wall mount rack options for all components

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have seen the Target Wall Rack (with no weight rating).
What other options are out there for a guy with squishy floors?

New Townhouse has laminate (pergo) flooring, which is apparently installed with a thin layer of foam underneath the flooring surface.

just moving in, and I heard this quiet "tinging" noise, and as I walked over to the stereo, I realized that it was my 6550s singing in unison as my footfalls reverberated across the floor. The amp was off, by the way.

No amount of weight seems to help, either. I remember a long-since gone thread about ceiling suspension, and it might just get to that point, but I need some sort of wall-mounted option for a 60 lb integrated amp, and of course, various sources.

thanks in advance for your assistance.

I've seen one person's system set up on two Target VW-2 wall mounts. His were lined up horizontally (side by side, but you could also line them up either vertically). Plus you can replace the stock MDF shelves with anything of your liking, i.e. maple butcherblock or granite.

I've got a 60 lb slab of granite with a 48 lb turntable on the top shelf of the VW-2, and a ARC SP-8 on the bottom shelf. When I first installed it (into the studs in the wall), I kept a carpenter's level on the shelf, just to make sure I would notice any subtle sagging if it occurred. It's been about a year now, and it hasn't moved.

Anyway, that's a thought.
Even standard 2x4 stud walls can carry an amazing amount of weight (just think hardwood kitchen cabinets filled with dishes, canned goods, etc.)

God is in the fasteners. If I wanted to (or had to) support everything off the wall, and do it for a reasonable cost, I would most likely go with industrial strength slotted wall standards (like they use in warehouses -- paint or powder coat to wife's specifications) of whatever height, attached (vertically of course ;~) to every other stud with 2" lag bolts every 12".

Use the same manufacturer's shelf brackets, 18" or 20" long and laminated 1.25" thick butcher block or similar for shelves. Position the shelves 3" out from the walls to allow room for wires and ICs. Drill a 1/4" hole in the bottom of the shelf where the retainer button (usually catches the edge of a narrower shelf) on the end of the bracket hits the underside of the (larger) shelf. This keeps the shelf from slipping around and keeps the brackets from shifting sideways.

I've not done this in my house, but have for clients.
Is the laminate flooring on top of a slab foundation? I have a similar situation, and I cannot hear my tubes sing when walking over to my equipment rack... so I was curious to get some more details.
Thanks for the ideas.

Mre2007: I wish i was on a slab. IT is crawl space, however.

THe Target Wall Racks look perfect, except for the depth.

My Rogue Tempest needs more than 16 inches of depth for cables. If I could find something like the target, but like 20 x 20, I might be in business.

Nsgarch: that might be my only option.
Well G, if you can get into your crawl space without too much contortion, you can always what I call "spot stiffen" the floor where your rack or speaker will sit.

This is done fairly easily by any builder (and a lot of handy homeowners) by using a small concrete post base from Home Depot and (using a short jack) jamming a short piece of 4x4 strut between it and the joist(s) above. It only takes a couple of these to do a rack or a speaker. (And it doesn't have to be pretty ;~))
Good idea, but the thing that I think is causing the problem is the fact that the laminate floats on a thin layer of foam. Even above the supported joists, it "gives" just a little.

I was wondering, though, the industrial strength slotted wall standards as you call them- would something like this be available at my friendly neighborhood Home Depot/Lowe's?
Search on Google using the string:

industrial slotted bracket adjustable shelving

Also check out this page on Knape & Vogt website:


for their #85 double slotted standard and matching #185 brackets. There are other, even stronger, even more industrial lines, but K/V is readily available at hardware stores all over the country

ANyone Else have an idea?

In regards to your need for shelves that are larger than the Target, I actually use a larger granite shelf on my top shelf of the VW2. It's pretty easy to do, just get some cones and you can put whatever size shelf you want on the Target. (You can see it in the picture of my turntable on my "system" page). The only thing to be careful of is to not put the bulk of the weight on the front overhang. But as long as the weight is primarily over the usual shelf space, I don't see a problem.

As I mentioned, I have a 60 lb. granite slab and a 48 lb. turntable on the top shelf, with no sag or problems with the weight. I did use 3.5 inch lag screws of the largest diameter that would fit through the mounting holes in the Target (not the stock screws that come with it) and made sure I mounted it securely in the center of the studs in the wall. It has worked flawlessly.

So, that's one idea for getting the shelf depth that you need.
not a bad idea, and something that I had not considered.
Thanks. Nice system, btw. :)