Walker Valid Points or Mapleshade Footers for preamp?

I am looking for place some brass cones under a tube preamp. Is one product better then another for this purposes or does this matter more equipment with more moving parts?
I have had both and they are the same in what they do.

One goes into maple and the other in to a lead based disc. I didn't want lead in my house so I sold the WVP and once I heard the HRS plateforn I sold the MSF.

If you are set on either one of these products I would go with the MSF as they are cheaper and you don't have to deal with the lead in your home.

Glory, I don't know what you mean by "having to deal with the lead" It is coated.

The Walkers with their pucks are far superior to the Mapleshades, but I would agree that there are far better devices. The Halcyonics is so superior as to make everything else sound broken. Second best is the Acapella Silencio base.

Sorry to say coated or not I don't want it in my house. So to understand this is to see me as strange maybe but never the less safe.

I do agree with you that thay are junk comparied to the products we are using.

Superior is the WVP? One into coated lead and one into maple,wow you have good ears my man.

Do you mean to tell me that the WVP is so superior that you could A/B both MSF & WVP and pick out the WVP every time under a tube preamp?
Guys, which MSF brass footer exactly are you talking about? There are several different versions.

I had the best and newest one's MS made going into 4" of maple.

After hearing the HRS M3 I knew both were rubish. Walker makes some great stuff but ........

One would have to guess which one sounds better, MSF or WVP, if you A/B them.
Glory, I strongly dislike maple. In every instance, it has robbed my sound of dynamics. Actually, I didn't use Walker's pucks under the Valid Points. I found the IsoClean small cups sound quite a good deal better. I did find that Walker's pucks helped the performance of components once you found the right place to put them. Now, however, I don't use them there either.

I think Walker's Valid Points and pucks can be quite useful and are a less expensive method of improving isolation. I also thought the Neuance shelves were outstanding and inexpensive. They are no longer made.

I have found no better racks than the long ago always quite favorably reviewed Mana shelves. I have tried many others to no avail other than that they looked good.

I say all of this assuming that everyone knows YMMV.
I can't offer a comparison of the Mapleshade to Walker Audio products, I've never taken time to make the comparison. But, I consistently use the Walker Audio Valid Points and Resonance Control Discs ("pucks") in our system here to very positive effect and would not like to do without them. I have gradually added Valid Points under most components here with a very noticeable sonic improvement:

...under the Eidolon speakers (replacing the stock spikes);
...under the motor controller for the turntable;
...under the tube phono stage/preamp;
...under the tube monoblock amps;
...under the maple amp stands on which the tube monoblock amps sit (on their own points and pucks).

Would some other device be as effective, or possible more effective? Perhaps. I've never done the comparative listening. But, of what I'm very convinced is that the Walker Audio Valid Points and Resonance Control Discs are effective, make a very audible improvement in our system here, and don't create any adverse effects. (Full Disclosure: I'm a delighted and committed Walker Audio Proscenium Turntable owner and use a variety of Lloyd's products which all do exactly what he describes they will do.)

We are on the same page as maple is good for a throw into the fireplace on a cold winter night.


Just think if you could get un-Walker-ized on the WVP and use the HRS MS or Tbg's plateform, you would trash those sick puppies.

2 questions:
1) Where do you find this HRS M3? Is there a website for it?
2) Are you using the HRS on the Solidtech?

I just brought back the MS Heavyfeet v3 and the low Heavyfeet and put them under my phono and the Audio Magic Eclipse PLC. The feet sit directly on a wood floor. The sound is breathtaking - similar effect to the Walker VP. My WVP are under the ModWright preamp directly on 1" MDF. I tried the pucks, but it distracted from the immediacy I got when it was directly on the MDF. Have not A-B them yet.

1.Audio Federation in CO. is the Distributor. Google HRS M3.
2. Yes. Spacer and Couplers with the M3. Used M3's are $1200.00 on the 'Gon. It must be the right weight allowed for each componant. Once heard you will be addicted to it. Out the door with the WVP & MSF.

FOR SALE MS Heavyfeet v3 and low Heavyfeet.

The M3 goes up for sale and sits on the 'Gon and rots as everyone buys the WVP And MSF. =8^)
Can check here.
Thanks for the link Hotbird. Nice to see you here. ;)

I would suggest that you try to listen to the MSF and WVP on a solid wood support(they were designed this way) - preferably as heavy as you can find. The effect is very different if you hear it on the Solidtech stuff.

FYI, I had 2 sets of Feet of Silence, but got rid of them after trying the Nordost Ti Pulsar points, and later WVP/MSF. The later are clearly superior to the Solidtech stuff especially if your system has deep bass.

I tossed the FOS also. Trash.

I had the MSF on a MS 4" maple plateform. Sold it all.

JUNK. Toss it. Get rid of it.

Buy a HRS M3.
Over the weekend, a friend also tried out the Mapleshade brass footers under his equipment, and his comment was "Good thing is brass gives dynamism but seems to have no ringing and high frequency issues."

He was using ceramic footers on a composite material which I passed to him. The ceramic/composite mix "seems more [to give] more stark imaging."

He felt both produced life-like sound.

If given such a senario, which would you go for? Better dynamics or imaging?

I have tried over the last few years, Stillpoints cones, Finite Elemente Ceraball (original), Finite Elemente Cerapuc, Cardas blocks, EquaRack MF-1 footers and HRS M3 platform.

I posted my impressions on these devices in this post:


All the isolation devices I've tried work well. Some better than others. So in my experience, each one of these footers or platform is an upgrade from the stock feet that came with the audio equipment.

From the isolation devices I've tried, the HRS M3 and EquaRack MF-1 footers are much more efficient at controlling vibrations and resonances than the other ones I have.

I currently have all my audio equipment on a credenza. I have the HRS M3 sitting on it supporting my turntable. I can play a silent track on the turntable and knock hard on the top of the credenza and I hear nothing on the speakers. That's how good the M3 is.

I conducted a similar experiment with solo violin music playing on my CD player. This time with the EquaRack footers. Again, I heard nothing being transfered to the audio signal.

I currently have EquaRack footers under all my equipment, except for the turntable. With these footers, everything is tighten up and I hear more of those micro details that tend to get lost in reproduced music.

I still have footers from Stillpoints and Finite Elemente. And I still use them from time to time, but just as a reminder of how good the EquaRack footers are by comparison. I also keep using the Cardas blocks: to set up the VTA of my tonearm.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


I recently tried three Acoustic Revive RIO-5010 clear quartz disks under my H-Cat line stage. I must add that it already was on a level 5 Mana stand with an Acapella isolation base using the special pucks between the unit and the isolation base.

Simply inserting the RIOs between the pucks and the unit resulted in such a positive change that I was shaken in my commitment to the Halcyonics base, but then again I have only been able to afford two of these and my line stage isn't lucky enough to be on one. I really don't want to hear what it would sound like on a Halcyonic base.

These quartz gizmos are just unbelievable. The dynamic jumped and the precision of the sound stage was just scary.

I don't know what they would do under other units or between my amp and the Halcyonics. In the last case just because I don't want to know.

Honestly, I don't know why these have such benefit. I have found some instances in which the RIO-5010s do little or nothing and really hate trying them everywhere if it is more than just placing them on top of components.
I have tried both the Valid Points and Mapleshade Footers under all of my equipment (including the pre-amp).
The Symposium Rollerblocks were far better in all respects. You can pick up a used set on Audiogon in the $ 225 - 275 range. Make sure you get the grade 3 balls.
The biggest effect I experienced was with power supplies and power conditioners but all pieces benefited in a big way.
I hope that helps.