Walker turntable tonearm damping fluid?

Does anyone know what Lloyd uses in the damping trough for his tonearm? I believe it is synthetic motor oil, but can anyone confirm that? How about his preferred brand and weight?

I tried to contact him by phone today, but he is not available until next week.
I do not know what he currently uses but I have an maplenoll apollo that he modified and in the instructions, he suggested a synthetic motor oil. it is a little different dampening system as the paddle on the apollo is larger than the adjustable needle in his current table. I have experimented with various types of oils and i settled on a heavy weight oil similar to a 50 weight motor oil.
Mixture of 25% 0-40w synthetic oil (e.g., Mobil 1) and 75% STP Oil Treatment
I've been using a 45% mixture of Joe Gibbs XP2 Synthhetic Racing oil (Typical viscosity is 0-20W), 45% Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, and 10% Lucas Lucas Fuel Treatment oil on my Maplenoll.

Your mileage may vary. :)