Walker turntable owners, want a GREAT cheap tweak?

You need a can of lacquer thinner, a bottle of "z-max" lubricant (from an auto parts store )and a box of tissues / paper towels and about 1 to 2 hrs time
Remove the platter, remove the air bearing ( sub platter )
Remove the lacquer from the sub platter ( with the thinner )
Clean both sides of the air bearing with the lacquer thinner ( the underside of the sub platter and the TT base )
Remove the oil from the spindle well ( with a Q tip or paper towel ) and replace it with z-max (several drops)
Put about 4 drops of z-max on the air bearing surfaces and rub it in with the tissues. You really have to keep rubbing it in till there is no more gunk coming off on the tissue ( it takes awhile )
Reassemble it all
Open the valve to the platter on the small towers 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and turn the air pressure DOWN ( at the pump box ) to 1.5 to 1.9 lbs ( till the platter doesn't drag )
Lloyd called me with this one the other day and the improvement is bigger than the black diamond tone arm crystals or the room tuning crystals ( both of which were phenomenal ! )
Sorry it's only for walker TT owners!!
Kidman wrote,

"Bigger than crystals? WOW! That must be huge to actual be bigger than figments of peoples' imaginations."

Pretty cool. That was almost an actual sentence.
AND; pontificated from the Throne of Abject Ignorance.
Well this one I can at least explain!
The crystals I can't but the improvement IS real