Walker Signature Phono resistance

I am running the phono into an LFD NCSE and feeding it with a DV te Kaitora Rua on a WTAmadeus tt. I have SF Cremona M speakers. The cart load with the Walker is 1000k as recommended by Lloyd. DV however recommend 30 and TNT(from memory) advise good results with 300 into this cart. I am very happy with what is coming out music-wise but am wondering if it could be even better. I could just buy and try but the phono uses nude foil resistors and buying and shipping would be NZ$100 for a couple of pairs, so I'm after some advice first. Does anyone here have experience with either the cart or phono which would help me?

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I had a Walker Audio Signature phono stage mated with a Dynavector XV-1s several years ago. I had Lloyd load it at 100 ohms, and it sounded very good.
Unfortunately, changing the loading is not a very easy task on this phono stage. Yes, it uses nude resistors, which are very fragile, so be careful if doing it yourself.
Well I thought that my experience with the XV-1s may be similar to your Te Kaitora Rua, since their specs are the same.
Also, DV does not recommend loading at 30 ohms, their specs for both cartridges is a loading of >30 ohms. Technically, both the 100 ohms that I loaded at, and the 1000 ohms that you are loaded at are both greater than 30 ohms. So both cases are within the DV recommended loading guidelines.