Walker Signature Phono resistance

I am running the phono into an LFD NCSE and feeding it with a DV te Kaitora Rua on a WTAmadeus tt. I have SF Cremona M speakers. The cart load with the Walker is 1000k as recommended by Lloyd. DV however recommend 30 and TNT(from memory) advise good results with 300 into this cart. I am very happy with what is coming out music-wise but am wondering if it could be even better. I could just buy and try but the phono uses nude foil resistors and buying and shipping would be NZ$100 for a couple of pairs, so I'm after some advice first. Does anyone here have experience with either the cart or phono which would help me?
I had a Walker Audio Signature phono stage mated with a Dynavector XV-1s several years ago. I had Lloyd load it at 100 ohms, and it sounded very good.
Unfortunately, changing the loading is not a very easy task on this phono stage. Yes, it uses nude resistors, which are very fragile, so be careful if doing it yourself.
Thanks. I have read that 100 ohms can be grainy with my cart. Maybe I should have put the cart' name in the title instead of the phono's.
Well I thought that my experience with the XV-1s may be similar to your Te Kaitora Rua, since their specs are the same.
Also, DV does not recommend loading at 30 ohms, their specs for both cartridges is a loading of >30 ohms. Technically, both the 100 ohms that I loaded at, and the 1000 ohms that you are loaded at are both greater than 30 ohms. So both cases are within the DV recommended loading guidelines.
I apologise for the brevity and apparent terseness of my reply. Unfortunately it was the 4th one I tried to post, with the 1st 3 getting eaten somewhere in the system, so the post got progressively shorter. I think I have found a way of safely removing the resistors - by placing a strip of cloth under and around. This will give me some purchase and the resistors some support. I just did a check on The Needle Doctor and there are some differences in impedence values for the 2 carts, 4 ohms for mine and 6 ohms for yours. Thank you for the effort you took to reply.
The difference between 4 and 6 ohms internal resistance would not by itself account for any difference in tonal balance you may perceive, comparing a 100R load on a XV-1S to a 1000R load on a TKR. If you're happy with 1000R, I'd say leave it alone. If you want to try 100R, the good news is that the latest iteration of the nude Vishay (aka Texas Instruments) resistors are a little more sturdy than were the older types, and 100R is not so low in value as to reduce the useable output of the TKR. They've added a kind of brace that links the two legs, so it is not quite so easy to pull the entire assembly apart, by accident. Knock yourself out.