Walker Reliability

Have owners of the Walker found it to be reliable or difficult to maintain operation?
If you mean the Walker Proscenium turntable, then I can vouch for ease of maintenance. I bought one second-hand (inspected and packed by Lloyd and Frank) almost two years ago. After initial setup (which is time-consuming and not that easy), I've only had to check the lateral arm balance (level) a few times (the same with all air-bearing linear trackers), lube the platter air bearing once, and empty the air pump trap once. Just keep the platter, belt, and pulley clean. The air bearing for the lateral arm tube is essentially self-cleaning. All adjustments are stable once set.
Ah but what about the floor mats, hanging fuzzy dice and washer fluid?

Then again, any one with "sissy boy" amps should know these things!

Hey buddy! Haven't seen ya here before! How goes it?
Two months ago, that "sissy boy" amplifier fell through my Arcici Suspense Rack at 4 AM with serious floor slam. Fortunately, with a system of levers, a fulcrum, and air bladders, I was able to reassemble my rack alone. Now I know how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Otherwise, life sucks right now. I had a root canal early last week, and today I woke up with painful "plantar fascitis" in my right foot, prompting a trip to the hospital. This is preventing me from decorating the Walker and equipment rack with holiday lights and trimmings. Or constructing my gateway altar to summon Cluthlu ("Yog Savath!"). How am I suppose to find a virgin to sacrifice while I'm unable to walk?

So how's marriage and the Rockport?