Walker prologue amp stands

Did anyone tried the new Walker prologue amp stands?

You might to to email AudiogoN member Rushton. He is using them in his system. They are very similar in construction to the Prologue shelf from Walker Audio, which is under my turntable.
Yes, I use the Walker Audio Prologue Reference Amp Stands under a pair of Atma-Sphere MA-2s. Once we put them under our amps, my wife and I quickly agreed they were not coming back out. These have done so exceptionally well, I've not bothered to compare to anything else.

David Robinson, editor of Positive Feedback Online, likes them in his system, too: "I wouldn't want to listen to them without these stands... I'm impressed with this product... I consider them to be indispensable." And gave them a 2005 Brutus Award. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue22/brutus05dr.htm (scroll down about two-thirds of the page)

Picture: www.positive-feedback.com/Issue22/images/walker_audio_renaissance_amps.jpg

It seems to me it is just a very expensive piece of wood, what's the difference when you compare it with the products of mapleshade ?

I'm using walker valid points, they work very good!!

Slipknot1, you do have a very nice turntable!!!
Robertje, you may have just solved your issue. All I can recommend is that you listen to them for yourself and decide whether to keep them or return them. One thing I've learned over the years: if Lloyd Walker recommends you try listening to something, it's always worth doing that. You may decide it's not a good match in your system, but I'd never discount his recommendation.

Robertje, While not trying to sound like a parrot, Rushton is correct. Only you can be the judge of whether or not one of Lloyd's products is a good fit in your system. If you try it and it's not for you, you are only out the shipping charges. FWIW, I do not have Lloyd's amp stands in my system, because I am not in a position to purchase them at the moment. I suspect if I tried them, they would not be coming out.
To answer the question of how the Walker amp stands compare to the Mapleshade, although I'm a dealer for both, I have yet to compare the two versions. I look forward to doing so. However, I can say how they differ technically.

Pierre makes a point of using one single piece of unlaminated air dried, spray laquered maple. Lloyd does exactly the opposite. He uses kiln dried maple, laminated with alternating grain density and direction, and uses a multi layered hand rubbed penetrating oil finish. Lloyd also offers them in a harder, more expensive and supposedly better sounding Jatoba wood. Each of them believes in their own particualr approach. I guarantee that the two approaches yield different results. Lloyd's approach is undoubtedly more expensive to impliment and consequently commands a higher price. It is typical of Pierre to attempt to cut to the chase at an affordable price and typical of Lloyd to go for the throat at any cost. Which you prefer in your system is, of course, the question, as well as what you are willing to pay.

Two inaudible pragmatic issues are that the unlaminated Mapleshade version does tend to warp slightly and the finish can be scratched. The Walker Audio version will not warp, the oil finish will not chip and any scratch can be easily made invisible with a simple touch up with any oil.

Both companies also make excellent racks which differ similarly.
I too am using one under my big Levinson. The Walker is great for monster amps due to its size and weight bearing capability. And it's a plus that in the Jatoba wood, it loks great too, in fact the pictures don't do it justice. Expensive? Yes, but it beats putting my big No. 333 on the shag carpet.