Walker Motor Drive what Power Cord to use with.

What Power Cord to use with this the Walker Motor Drive System. Thank YOU for your input.
The Omega Mikro Active LCX power cords work exremely well with the Walker Motor controller. Lloyd Walker recommends them and I think his recommendation is "spot on". I've listened with the stock cords, the Silent Source power cords, and the Omega Mikro, but not others. I bought the Omega Mikro for both the wall outlet to the motor controller and from the motor controller to the turntable - the sound just opened up an additional step that was quite audible. OTOH, the Silent Source were quite good.

Albert Porter has tried a number of power cords. You can read his comments on the Walker Motor Controller and the Omega Mikro power cords in this thread:
Hello Blcube.I also recommend the Omega Mikro.It was the cord that this unit was designed around.If you would like to take one for a spin,please contact me.Great pricing and Full 30 day money back guarantee.
Rushton, thanks for finding my old post and linking to it. For what it’s worth my findings remain the same, even after additional testing.
I've used the Omega Mikro and many others with the Walker motor drive and found the Audio Tekne to be the best in my system. But you will get even more bang for the buck with the proper placement of resonance control discs. I like them best at the back of the unit, slightly hanging off. Don't ask me why, but it sounds better. For even better sound, try three cardas myrtle cuboids in a sawtooth pattern (|'|) with the discs on top of them. Experiment and be prepared to be startled at the difference. If you dig the results, try the same experiments with all other components and see how little you have experienced from your system to date.