Walker listening experience wanted

Hi Folks:

This turntable is very elusive for obvious reasons. I heard it once a few years ago at the Stereophile show in NYC. I am Fairfield County, CT based and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to listen to one in a home setting. I can't afford one but if someone would grant me the favor I am capable of traveling a good distance to do so. Thank you for reading.

CT Audio Society
I am located near Philadelphia, and if you are willing to drive the distance, you would be more than welcome to spend some time with the Walker TT in my listening room. Contact me off list...
hey I'll bring the chicken cacciatore if I can come along.
I think you'll find the trip worthwhile, Joe's system is well set up and sounds VERY good!
I am also located outside Phila with a ton of Walker equipment – Turntable with latest mods, Phono pre-amp, Velicitors, Silent Source etc. You are welcome to contact me. Additionally, Walker is located in the area (about 30 minutes from me). He is usually very open to demonstrating his system

I did a review of the Walker for 6Moons.com



i think you struck gold with those 2 guys. please let us all know how it goes.