Walker High Definition Links

Has anyone tried these? What effects did they have? Positives? Negatives? System they were tried in?
They really do work, as hard as it may be to believe. I placed them under my DAC, transport and Amps and the improvemnet was quite obvious interms of increased clarity and definition especially in the lower frequencys. I'm satisfied that they are a significant improvment over 'normal' cone type products. Now i'm tryin to see if the new Aurio MIB's improve over the Valid Points. Cheers!
Thanks Rcallahan. The Walker Valid Points are what your are referring to which couple or decouple your electronics to the bottom support surface of your rack or shelf. The Walker High Definition Links attach to your speaker terminals to filter RFI. They are a RC circuit.
There was a (short) review of them in Ultimate Audio that was full of praise. I think it was the reviewer Lars that had them in his system. But maybe you should list what you have in your system, after all the cost of the Walkers could either be chicken-feed or represent a significant investment.
The Walker High Definition Links received the "Golden Ear Award" from TAS and received a positive review from Ultimate Audio. They do work (depending on the speaker). Merlin Speakers have a network built in, thusly the HDL have no positve effect. Jim
Andrewucd and Epicaud, thanks for the info. My system includes Sony SCD-777ES SACD, EVS Nude Attenuators, Bel Canto EVo 200.2 amp, Eggleston Andras, Nirvana S-X ic, and Analysis Plus Oval Nine spk cable. Eggelstons use the same tweeter as the Merlins. Sounds like they are worth a try.
I use them, and would not take them from my system for twice what I paid for them. If you get a chance to try them, I think you will be shocked at what they do.
How much do they cost and where do they go? I've got Avalon Eclipse speakers and the speaker terminal blocks are under the speaker. Are they bulky?
Oops! I apologize Mikeg for not reading more carefully. I also use the HDL's in my system. I will simply echo what Albert says about them; they work very well in producing a more relaxed, natural presentation of the music. You really will be surprised. One caveat however: Walker says they take 3 days of constant use (i.e 72 hrs)to break in. I spent abut a week wondering why i had them in the system as I could not discern any major improvement. then, after about a week of listening and breaking in ( i left the system on low volume for about 8-10 hrs a day) the system was transformed by the effect of the HDL's. Just give them alot of time to break in and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.
With the quality and investment in the rest of your system I would pay the $300 to give them a try. I'm sure you could find a buyer on the resale market and lose very little (relative to your systems value) money if they don't work out for you.
Walker HD links are a small wooden box, maybe 2" X 1" X 1/2". They have two small silver wires with silver spades soldered on, and they go "across" the plus and minus lugs on the speakers, where amp connection is made. They retail for $300.00, and require break in before you can hear what they are capable of. In my system, everything improved, top end resolution, smoothness, extension and impact in the bass and imaging. Hard to believe this small device can make so much difference for so little money. I suspect that results will vary, depending on the equipment associated and the type of speaker. I can only speak from experience with my system.