Walker HDL's worth it?Anyway to replicate cheaply?

Was doing a tweak search (too much time on my hands) and one thred form about a year ago a fellow knocked them saying same old audio snake oil in that here was a $5 Capacitor being sold for $300.Well if it is a Cap anybody know what kind and whether one could replicate more cheaply.Walker products get high marks but man the prices.Cannot think that some of these are worth the dough.
They may indeed be snake oil, but I think they are definitely worth it at the used price. I installed a pair on my Audio Physic Libras, and they made a noticeable difference. The noise floor was lowered, and the background became 'blacker.'
I tried them and I like them. It does not sound like a capacitor. That would take away detail. It sounds like a super high frequency attenuator (filter network)--just gets rid of some noise, that you don't even really hear, but the music comes out with a little more detail and a little smoother at the same time. I also think the measure is very incremental. While it works--there are probably a lot of other things out there that should be considered first. If you've done all the other tweaks, then give these a try (used market $ of course). If you don't find they help you can probably resell them for what you paid for them.
I got the Ultra Hi Def links, and I think they are fantastic. It is really noticable and depressing when I remove them. I thought they seemed like a real rip off being really homemade looking. I asked my dealer about them and he said believe it or not there is a lot of expensive parts inside those wooden blocks. I don't think you can replicate them for 5$