Walker EST Silver treatment?

Has anyone used this in their system, and if so did it make a difference sonically? I got a look at it Sunday at the Audio Fest in Denver, and I am definitely intrigued. Wondering if it is a worthwhile tweak.
I use Walker's original SST on most of the connections in my system. It really works, and is one of the best bang-for-the-buck tweaks I know of. It clarifies the audio proceedings noticeably, and gives enough extra resolution and transparency to amply repay the minimal effort of applying it.
i have not used SST but have very credible friends that love it and have had great experience with it. Lloyd Walker's tweaks are all pretty good.....i use a few myself.

i would very strongly caution that SST be used very carefully. if this stuff migrates to areas it shouldn't be it can cause the need for very expensive repairs. personally, i would limit it's use to IEC plugs, A/C wall plugs, interconnect connectors and speaker cable spades. i would NEVER use it for tube sockets or anything internal.

this stuff is made up of tiny threads of metal that will invade any surface adjoining where you apply it.

it works whether you want it to or not.
Mike, great caution about care in applying a silver contact enhancer. One nice thing about the Walker E-SST/SST versus others on the market, however, is that SST's carrier fluid dries and, as a result, SST does not migrate (this is not to say that is can't flake when applied too generously). The challenge, of course, is to apply only a very thin coating and make sure the applicator doesn't accidentally "wander" where you don't intend to apply it. It is highly conductive.
"i would very strongly caution that SST be used very carefully."
Arafel, I use Walker Audio's Extreme SST and consider it an essential part of my system set-up. It really does work. But, the best way to determine if it will make a material difference for you is to try some in your own system. If it doesn't work for you, Walker Audio offers a refund if you return the unused portion within 30-days.

If you search the archives you should find quite a few comments about using E-SST/SST. Here's a link to a post about our experience with Extreme SST, and the post contains links to several reviews elsewhere:

I have used the original, and then the Extreme SST with fine results. In one system I simply used for power cord connections. In another system I used for RCA IC connectors along with power cords. Can't seem to get up the courage for vacuum tube pins, because of sporadic reports of inappropriate spread of the product down into equipment.
Following Walker's precise instructions, and seeing how very tiny is the coating applied (leaving 99% of a jar unused) there really should not be a product migration problem.
Perhaps someone who ran into the need to repair component after using silver treatment can comment on whether there was more than a minute coating on the tube pins.
In my experience everything about the sound got better, kind of an equal opportunity tweak. As it is applied on more connecting points along the electrical and signal passing wiring there is an increasing benefit.
Hello Arafel,Do an Audiogon search ,there are a few threads about the Walker SST that would be of interest to you,I use it on my power cords and ICs ,,,,made a good overall improvement to the sound of my system,not like a nite to day diff. but def. worth the money,but do heed Mikelavignes advice!
I also give the Walker Extreme SST a big thumbs up. Once again, carefully applied this contact enhancer just seems to enable the music to flow with less impedence. Like another veil has been lifted, so to speak.

I use it on tube pins, all ICs, speaker cables and the Isoclean fuses in my LC-2 power cords. Normal people who follow directions should never have a problem with migration.
I've used both the standard SST and the Extreme. Both are great, but I like the Extreme quite a bit better. I use it on most of my system connections, and it's provided a level of clarity and resolution that is nothing short of stunning. Well worth the rather high asking price (for the Extreme, that is).
It also works great on cartridge pin/clip connections, but you'll probably have to slightly readjust your tracking force to compensate for the added mass.
I just put SST on the internal speaker/wire connection to my lower bass and what a diff.!Im going to treat the midrange and tweeter too,really tightened up the bass!
Here is my question.Do you need to re-apply it every so often or is is one time application?

According to the instructions:

'You may connect and disconnect six to eight times before needing to reapply.'

George, there is no need to re-apply unless you disconnect. The effect of the treatment does not "fade" over time as long as not disconnected. While the instructions do say you may connect and re-connect multiple times (as John points out), pay attention to what you hear. Sometimes you do need to re-apply upon disconnecting/re-connecting. Lloyd has updated his instructions as follows:
"Before reconnecting, it is beneficial to take a used applicator with the SST wiped off (some will still be embedded in the applicator) and spread over the connector. This will help to distribute the SST that remains on the connector. If you reapply it, make sure there is not excessive SST on the connector. If there is, clean it as directed above before applying more." http://www.walkeraudio.com/sst.htm
I have used Loyd's SST and now EST in my system for the past year and love it. I have not found it to migrate. The most apparent and initial observation in my system was that the volume was instantly louder and far more transparent. About 6 months ago Loyd sent a gratis bottle of his Extreme SST which after cleaning all of the old off my connections I applied. I must admit that I found little if any noticeable sonic improvement between the SST and the Extreme SST

Here are links to my system


Thank you all for the explanation.I will go ahead and try the product.