Walker Audio high def links?

Thinking of rying these on my hybrid stats, any owners cooments would greatly help, I know these may be system dependent but please give general view thanks Chad
others have reported exceptional experiences with these: check the archives dude
They're certainly worth trying, with no risk. As with all Walker Audio products, if they don't work for you, return them in original condition within 30-days and Walker Audio will refund your purchase price.

If you call Lloyd, he'll tell you directly what his customers' experiences with hybrid stats have been.
I never had much luck with these on My Eros Mk 3. I did have great results with them on some other dynamic speakers I used them with though. Just didn't seem to do much of anything on my Eros, so I took them off. It always seemed to me that these don't do as much on a system that has lots of power conditioning and power cords, just an observation.
I had both the Hi-Def links and Ultimate Hi-Def links, and while they both worked very well to my ears, I recently discovered Argent Audio BOBs, which, to my ears at least, add a little more realism and detail to the sound than the Walkers. And they're significantly cheaper than the Ultimate Hi-Defs. And not as fragile. Like the Walkers, they don't work in every system, but Argent offers a 30-day warranty. Argent's phone number is (785) 331-4123. I'm in no way affiliated with the company--just a very happy customer.
Yeah Ric's BOB module didn't work in my systems either.
Walker HDL and Ultimate HDL both worked wonders on my Sound-Lab U-1's. After I switched to Dali Megaline the difference was slight, but still worthwhile.

I have the BOB modules here too. I tried them only on my Dali's as Sound-Labs had been sold before BOB's arrived. The BOB's did not work with the Dali, unknown what they might have done for U-1's.
thanks for all opinions and thoughts