Waiting on Townshend Fractal speaker cables (and any other Townshend products)

Anyone else waiting on Townshend Audio Fractal F1 speaker cables or any Townshend products for that matter? I ordered a pair of F1's at the end of November. Understand holiday break and the sudden passing of CEO/ Founder may have added some extra delays to get products shipped out. Anyone else waiting for something from Townshend? Are they responsive to your inquiries and offering estimated ship times?  


Interesting that they do not respond. Maybe reach out to them through the audiogon marketplace?

That is surprising. Have you tried to contact John for an answer?

I sure hope the owners passing hasn't screwed up a good company going forward.


My F1 speaker cables arrived yesterday. That makes my wait about 5 weeks. They sound very good right away.



That’s great news. Glad you had pleasing results right from the box. John has been giving me updates and is apologizing for the delay. When did you order your F1s? 

I also wonder if the owners passing had any impact on their top tier products. I wonder if Max is the only one who assembled the F1 or are there others who can assemble the F1? I sure hope they can work out any kinks. 


I ordered my cables on December 3rd. I was told that the holidays had an impact but other than that I would get a notice when they shipped.

If I were to describe the sound, I could only say that there is a complete lack of a sound signature. It’s like there is nothing between the amp and speaker.



There was always a lag in shipping from when I ordered them to when they shipped for the different products I have purchased from Townshend.  

The F1 speaker cables took the longest - about 3 weeks to ship.  But John was always able to give a fair status of when to expect them to ship.  Keep up with him.