Wait For PS Audio TSS Super Dac Or Go With Auralic G2/GX Stack Now?

I have multiple PS Audio Components, P20, Directsream Sr., BHK Pre, BHK 300, PWT and think performance value is exceptional (especially when bought right). The only two non-PSA products in the chain is a DSpeaker X4 (I use as a crossover to by biamp my subs and sats) and an Auralic Aries G2.  I recently replaced my Bridge II with the Aries G2 and it was a revelation.  I stream 99% of all music I listen to (both Tidal and Qobuz hi-res) and the Auralic was a serious upgrade.  I have great respect for PS Audio and think Ted Smith is a genius, especially after enjoying many free upgrades with the DS sr, and where he's taken that platform .  I know Ted will do a fantastic job on the new TSS but here is my dilemma: the Auralic Aries G2 is one fantastic piece of gear, and by all accounts, hooking up the Aries G2 with the new Vega G2 dac and Leo GX clock via lightning link renders exceptional hi-res streaming.  Also coming is the Sirius G2 up-sampler which again should boost performance.  Even though pricing for the TSS hasn't been officially announced I gather it will be in the same range as a complete Auralic stack.  I can obviously use the Aries G2 with the TSS.. but hooking components designed to be utilized together via lightning link,  from a company with an obvious focus with getting the best from hi-res streaming,  is highly tempting.  Anyone else here faced with a similar dilemma or have you already jumped in and experiencing the Auralic G2/GX for yourself?
According to this review the Vega G2/Leo GX should be on the short list for those of us streaming hi-res content.


"I don’t know how much better digital audio decoding can get. Auralic has achieved a new level of performance with the VEGA G2 DAC and LEO GX MASTER CLOCK. The distortion is so low, it is reaching the limits of my Audio Precision spectrum analyzer. Jitter, which is an important issue to be dealt with, is dealt with superbly. Bottom line: The VEGA G2 is the best DAC I have ever tested. The LEO GX turns it into perfect."