WAF Speaker suggestions

I am looking to replace my current speakers and need advice.  I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 2ce sig speakers that my wife says look like coffins in the living room. I love my wife more than the Vandys and so am looking for replacement speakers. I need a smaller footprint speaker to make her happy and I would like a speaker that has a sound that is less laid back than the Vandys.
New or used speakers are fine.  My budget is $2000-$2500. Listening room is the living room (15ftX20ft with 15ft cathedral ceiling.) I listen mostly to jazz, classical, and blues.  Equipment is a Classe CP-800 preamp, Classe CT-2300 amp, TEAC CD-P650 used as a transport, and a Macbook for streaming music.
My research has lead me to the smaller footprint Dynaudio and Focal speakers but I do not know how well these speakers pair with the Classe amp and preamp.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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With caveat that I’ve never heard your model of Vandersteen (only model 3 or 3a), I’m suspect that you may find the Focals to be “less laid back” as you mention in original post than the Vandersteens.

If so then you’ll have to decide if they retain enough of the musicality and overall refinement of the Vandys. 

The best advice I got at beginning of my search was to listen to as many options as you can, and you’ll know when you hear the one that’s right for you, you’ll know. 

Good luck!
Oops, meant to say above that "I suspect that you may find," not "I'm suspect" - haha, that totally came out wrong.

Yeah the Focals will likely sound less laid back than your Vandys based on my experience hearing the two brands.

Post back after you hear them.
Kren0006 - I  will get back after I listen to the focals
take a look my Lexington-001 , you can listen in Brooklyn any time 
excellent WAF factor ,