WAF Speaker suggestions

I am looking to replace my current speakers and need advice.  I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 2ce sig speakers that my wife says look like coffins in the living room. I love my wife more than the Vandys and so am looking for replacement speakers. I need a smaller footprint speaker to make her happy and I would like a speaker that has a sound that is less laid back than the Vandys.
New or used speakers are fine.  My budget is $2000-$2500. Listening room is the living room (15ftX20ft with 15ft cathedral ceiling.) I listen mostly to jazz, classical, and blues.  Equipment is a Classe CP-800 preamp, Classe CT-2300 amp, TEAC CD-P650 used as a transport, and a Macbook for streaming music.
My research has lead me to the smaller footprint Dynaudio and Focal speakers but I do not know how well these speakers pair with the Classe amp and preamp.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Ya, Aria 928 and 936 played on Rotel. But at different dealer than Dynaudio so no direct comparison.

I had opportunity to directly compare the Focals to some Paradigm Prestige and Goldenear Triton 2+ and preferred the Focals over both. Much more than the Goldenear and a decent bit more than the Paradigm.

i don’t remember if these all in same cost range but do remember thinking at time that if my budget would’ve been under $3k that Focal might’ve been nice option.

But to extent I could extrapolate sound across the different setups for my ears anyway I judged that I liked Dynaudio sound better but all personal preference, ymmv
Take a look at stand-mounted speakers from Sonus Faber, made in the 90’s. Electa Amators would be my choice. You can probably pick them up for $2-3000. High WAF. Be sure they include the marble and walnut stands.
Kren0006 - I am going to audition focals on tuesday
Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5 speakers
I second Totem speakers.  They have many modell that are very small with beatiful wooden boxes and some in white. Some newer versions are really, really thin but a bit more expensive.