WAF -1000000000 Biggest sub in the world.

Check this link for this guy's system.


All out Assault?
My god that's friggin insane.
I would love to hear this system ,,,,in action!

WAF – Honey, a solution to the problem is real simple, just let me have a
dedicated room for my stereo.
It would be nice to hear but overkill comes to mind.

All the best,
Wow. I wonder if it could be fatal. Now there's a whole new topic for a thread!
Uh, yes dear, would you mind if I had the basement for a dedicated Sub Room please?

Her reply: fill in the blank _______________
Honey I want to buy a house just for my sound system is that ok? I will be living there 4 days a week. The basement I am going to turn into one big subwoofer. It will only cost eight times more than our house here. Isn't that really good? When you hear what sound system I have planned your ears will agree it is worth it. Yea you and me won't have to go out to the airport and stand next to the jets to hear them take off, when will be able to do it at home now. That will save us a lot of time to enjoy other things like...we won't have to go to Afghanistan to hear those bombs go off, we can save all that travel time and still get to listen to recordings of bombs exploding on our new system. Wow I just can't wait. I hope the neighbors don't mind.
>> ...now features 3 sub-atomic particle accelerators on SPDIF data transmission

Uh, right. Just watch out for sub-atomic particle collisions. Those Z bosons can be a bitch to avoid!