Wadia301 861


I have got a Wadia 861 (not a B model) and consider to scale down due to I need money in some time. I wonder how the Wadia 301 performs, especially compared to the 861. Basically I like the 861, but in some terms I do not like the bass reproduction which I sometime find a bit clumsy. Ex., a bass player (acoustic bass) does allways sounds a bit stacato, not relaxed and with typical texture from wood and strings made from an animals internal goods. In comparison, I've heard better reproduction in this area from other players, but never heard the presence and big true sound from any other players in the midrange and treble like the Wadia 861. Not all bass are bad, bud I need a bit more analog sound in the bass reproduction.
Now, what about a Wadia 301. How does this player performs in the midrange and treble compared to the 861? It has pretty much the same digital filter and only differs in transport, os, and a few things more that I do not suspect to give a bit difference. Transport and os differs indeed! Any comments? Any advice? Thanks for all inputs.
If you don't dig the 861 you won't like the 301.

I've owned the 301 and now for about a year the 861. The 301 and 861 are voice similar but the 861 is slightly more refined particularly in the mids and highs. I also consider the bass of the 861 more extend, detailed and robust. The 861 deserves high calibre components to take advantage of its sonic attributes. Before you let your 861 go I'd experiment with cabling and the mains you are feeding it. The 861 has a sophisticated power supply but like most components seems to benefit from good quality mains power. My 861 improved in sound quality when powering it through a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet using the 861's standard power cord and a non dedicated power mains outlet.

My system: 861>>Luxman C-7f preamp>>Jeff Rowland 201 amps>> B&W804 speakers.
Listen to a Meridian GO8, which sounds more analogue and had a very good bass reproduction. The bass can go deep and will let you hear every small detail.