Wadia X-32

On the advice of a friend I purchased a Wadia X-32. It does seem to take the edge of the CD sound in my system and I am very happy with the purchase. The seller said the unit was purchased new in 95. However, the serial number is XXXXXXXX-90, and the manual has a date of 1990. It leads me to believe the unit dates back to the 90's. Does anyone have any history on these units and what would be a it's expected "life span" -- Wadia says 20 years? If this unit is from the early 90's, I am shocked at how well it sounds IMHO, in my system compared to other state-of-the-art DACs (midfi - Parasound 2000, NAD 24/96 and Denon/Sony). Thanks for your help and time.
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according to the bible (Orion Blue Book) the production dates were 1990-93, sold for $2500 when new.
Thanks for the input Justlisten and Rcprince -- the unit has to be an earlier version (1990)and is in decent shape...it's about the sound for me not the looks. I am amazed at the sound this 10 year old technology makes. Thanks again, the forum and the people who participate really make this a more enjoyable hobby.
I used to own one of these until a year ago. The X-32 went through a couple of iterations (the way to tell is if the flush mount buttons are square vs. round). When Wadia was still in existence, I talked to a technical support person about my unit since I had bought it used, and found out that there's a chip upgrade that can be done for free to make the unit less sensitive to different inputs (i.e., I was having trouble locking onto a signal from DSS Satelite). Also, I think I paid $450 for it, and sold it for about the same, to give you a price reference. I hope you did'nt pay much more than that.