Wadia : what amp / preamp ?


just wondering what other Wadia owners out there use as a front end amp/preamp combination ?

Im looking for a transparent, precise and really wide soundstage sound. Im not too keen on warmth though....and i need a seperate preamp so no direct connexion for me. I need both an amp and a preamp.

Any help much appreciated.

I use the BAT VK-50SE preamp and the BAT 150 SE monoblocks with my Wadia 270/27ix combo.

I am real happy with this combo.
I use an AR 25 preamp and AR 100 MKIII amp. Great sound stage, wonderful listening without fatigue. Tony
Quicksilver M60 w/Audible Illusions preamp- But sound is better w/o the preamp
I use a Spectral DMA 150 and a DMC 20 II. I'm on my fourth Wadia player and have used this combo for all of them.
I have tried ARC SP6C pre amp/Aleph 3 Amp with my Wadia 2000 (the digital volume control set to the max.) driven by Wadia WT 2000 Transport. It was awsome!!!
I run my 270/27ix into the Mark Levinson #32 preamp and #33 amplifiers. The results are spectacular IMHO. BTW, the sound was much improved when changing to Transparent XL power cords on the Wadia gear.
I run my Wadia 850 into a Pass Labs X1 (solid state) preamp. This preamp is very transparent, and adds no euphonic coloration either yin or yang. IMO it gives body and dynamics to the music that I don't get when running directly into an amp. In my system I've also had an ARC LS25 (nice but too "tubey") and the Levinson 380S (left me uninvolved). I suppose TOP-end preamps, whether SS or tube, would be the way to go here (e.g., Levinson #32, ARC Ref2), but I could only afford the Pass for now. You might also want to check out the Sim P5 if you're in the "moderate" price range.
Levinson #32 and Levinson #33H/#33.
Wadia WT-2000 tweaked by Great Northern Sound; Placette Dual Active Mono preamp; Innersound ESL Monoblocks
Your amp choice should be dictated more by which speakers you use than what your source is, I would say.

Regardless, you can't go wrong with the Placette preamp.
Spent HOURS and HOURS at a great dealer trying to resolve this issue a while back. Ended up not buying Wadia (25/20) because I could never find a preamp that didn't veil the sound...bought Levinson 36/37 and Classe' pre. BUT...FWIW the S series Levinson pre was by far the most transparent I heard during this audition. Associated equip was ML 33's, top line Cardas cabling, and Hales Concept 8's so I assume nothing downstream was a limiting factor in the analysis.

If money's no object get the Levinson No. 32. Otherwise do like John Atkinson and get a 380S and a PS Audio 300 Ac regenerator.