Wadia vs. Audiomeca

Specifically in the bass. Going thru the old posts, bass was not great on the early Mephistos, but improved with the IIx. I have a GNSC modded Wadia 850, which has outstanding bass control, power and depth. I have the itch to try something new, and am wondering if I will lose or gain in the lows with a Mephisto II X.
Forgive The Caps In Advance But I An Writing From My Cell. I Can Offer Some Slight Insight Possibly. I Own An Audiomeca Enkianthus X Dac That Was Modded By Trl For Like 295. On Its Own The Dac Displayed Great Bass And Was Great All Around But After The Mod The Bass Is THUNDEROUS and the Dac unreal in general. i couldnt be happier and the folks at trl are amazing. hope that helps at all.
I have heard various Wadia models but have never done a direct comparision. In my system I am using the Audiomeca Mephisto IIx with Parsifal Encore Sspeakers and Joule Electra pre & amps and the bass is very deep and tight. Actually the bass is quite powerful. The Audiomeca extracts a lot of detail from CDs, you will hear everything. Its a treat for your ears and its not too bad on the eyes either.
I have compared the "Wadia sound" to many other top players over the past 6 years (home auditions using my GNSC-modded 850 or current 861). IMHO, while a number of other players are more refined and open, often with better soundstage definition, Wadia has a "solidity" and "presence" in the bass and lower midrange that is simply unmatched. I'm not quite sure how they do it, but I've noticed this no matter what downstream cabling and amplification is involved. Wadia better simulates the "impact and texture" of lower octaves which you would hear from real instruments in the room. (E.g., cello and piano, not just drums, synthesizer, etc.) But again, the weakness of Wadia is a certain lack of refinement on top (even with GNSC), which becomes more noticable with classical music.
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Honest1, FWIW (probably not much) I recently picked up a new Wadia 302 which I have in a System with a BAT DK5 and a Cal Alpha/Delta. This was a purchase made without listening first, sort of an impulse buy based more on a recent review than anything else. After break-in (long) I was quite please with the Wadia. I was, as Ral, impressed with the bass and solidity of sound and I was really surprised that it was not 'overly detailed' as I had expected it might be and the the highs were not etched or bright. In fact, if anything, compared to my BAT and Cal they were a tad airless and the mid range was a bit dry.

I really prefer the Wadia for 'big' music. I'm not so sure about more small scale, intimate, music but I can sure live with it. Neither of the other players are going anywhere. Matches up well with tubes - don't know about SS.
I do like my Wadia very much, but I keep reading about the latest advances in digital and wonder what I'm missing. A couple years ago, it was Audiomeca, Audio Aero and Electrocompaniet. Now it's EMM and Reimyo. I realize the reviews are a often lot of unwarranted hype, but at some point, I'm going to try something else. I would like a greater sense of air and smoothness, but what I have now is really good. I hate to make trade-offs. When I upgrade, I don't want to give up the bass for something else. I want everyhting I've got, and then some. Not always easy, especially if you are not buying new (and can't use a dealer's showroom).
The other thing about the Wadia is that I've been running without a pre-amp. Now that I'm looking at preamps, I realize they have very distinctive personalities, and so far, it sems like you always lose something, even if you gain something elswe, when you add a preamp.
Honest1, if you can afford it try some hi-end paassive xformer like the Placette Audio passive preamp. There are others more reasonably priced like the Bent Audio that uses TX102 xformers, the Antique Sound Labs passive preamp, the recently S'phile reviewed Sonic Euphoria, etc. If a passive works in your system, it could be transparent?
Just went to a USB DAC using an eight...yes, 8-year old PC with a 200gb HD, as a source.

For the convenience of instantly selecting 1 of 4,500 tracks, I would have been happy if my Wadia had sonically remained king, but alas it was dethroned.

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Honest1: Another possibility for you might be a hybrid integrated amp, i.e. one that combines a tube preamp stage with solid state output stage. In my experience this arrangement smooths out the CD sound without adding as much color as a separate active preamp, or without loosing some dynamics in the case of certain passive preamps. In any case, I do think that Wadia gear sounds a bit better through some kind of preamp.