Wadia users (current or previous)

Long time ago i was in serious in this hobby, last time i had a Wadia 381 which i liked.
I like the typical Wadia inhouse sound to be short!

Now i look for a DAC/ Pre and i was thinking of SPL Director Mk2 and Nuprime Evolution Dac, where the latter would be followed by CDT 8 Pro (probably). Perhaps something that allows streaming.

My question is if anyone using (now or previously) Wadia 381 or 781 have any suggestions for a DAC/ Pre that doesn't cost like Bricasti M12. Probably something 3000-5000 USD / Euro.
Exogal however, i was told wouldn't be my cup of tea.

Very much appreciate all feedback guys....
Thanks /R
Feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt, but what have you got to lose by ignoring what you were told and trying a Comet, since the people who designed the classic Wadia gear you liked so much are partners in EXOGAL?

Brian Walsh
irid, What were the reasons given for your potential dislike of the Exogal?
Who gave you that opinion; a friend, a dealer, an owner?
Just curious about your statement.
To be honest, it’s a dealer who says he used to have Wadia in his own system. He told me it’s a good dac, but if i believed i bought another Wadia, i would be sadly mistaken
I used a Wadia 850 for a year or two in 2000-2001 and loved how it made music. I later on got a Wadia 861se when I could afford it and used it for many years as I love the Wadia sound so much. I have been using a Mytek Brooklyn since it came out to stream music and sold the Wadia 861se a few year later as I rarely use it since the Brooklyn. Everyone has their own taste - audition a Brooklyn or a Manhattan to see if it's your cup of tea. Good luck.