Wadia Upgrades

Has anyone had experience with Steve Huntley's Reference Upgrade for the Wadia 850?
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Part of what Steve is leaving unsaid is that he was the service manager and part of the design team for Wadia for quite a few years. He has knowledge of the products from both the design and execution points of view. He oversaw (at Wadia) the upgrade of my 16 to a 16i, and then later did the upgrade of the 16i to his ref. level. It was and is worth every penny. It extracts a ton of music from my CDs and is way above the stock upgrade in every facet of performance. I believe his upgrades are a tremendous value if you plan on playing and extracting the maximum music from your collection of CD's. Yes, other formats may get resolved, and there someday may exist enough software that we really want to listen to; however, for now and into the forseeable future, my GNS massaged Wadia 16i gives me musical satisfaction in the fullest sense of the word. I have known Steve Huntley for over a decade. He has upgraded and modified numerous components for me. All of them have been significant improvements, dead-on reliable and well worth the money spent. Steve is consistently conscientious about the work he does and therefore the demmand is often greater than "supply". It is one of those scenarios where patience will be rewarded. Best of luck to all.