Wadia Upgrade or GNSC upgrade?

I have an 860 that I'm planning to upgrade through either Wadia or GNSC. But I'm curious about the comparative benefits of each offering. I've talked with Steve Huntley and also to Matt at Wadia about what their respective upgrades entail. The Wadia 861 SE upgrade essentially turns an 860 to an 861 SE. I've heard the 861 SE, and was amazed at the detail and resolution. The GNSC upgrade provides the 861 SE mechanical features and benefits but, at least according to Steve, a different, more musical sound. He said that GNSC feels that too much detail gives an "in-your-face" sound and that his upgrades sound a lot more natural and musical. Can someone define more musical? natural?...and why too much detail would be unwanted during cd playback if it would be there in live music? Would it be a matter of taste(because I like a lot of detail) or would the GNSC upgrade be significantly better? I've heard so many great things about the GNSC upgrades it would be hard to choose over them but have never heard one. I have on the other hand, heard the the 861 SE and was very impressed.

Any help from experienced users of 861 SE and GNSC upgraded equipment would be much appreciated. Also, Matt or Steve if you're out there, can you help me out?!
Thanks so much in advance.
The GNSC upgrades will make the unit sound more musical, detailed, and coherent, and will not be 'in your face' at all. In fact, I think that Steve removes much of the grain and edge that many feel is Wadia's downfall.

Bottom line is that anything you can do to upgrade your CD player will be worthwhile. My suggestion is to do it in 2 stages. When you are ready to be without your CD player for up to a couple months, send it in to Steve and have him upgrade it to the 861SE with his best modifications. It will be expensive, but get it done at one time if you can. You don't want to be shipping the unit more than necessary. If you don't have the money or aren't willing to be without your CD player at this time, then look into a power cord, a power conditioner, and a stand if you don't have these things already. Although expensive, the Elrod Statement II on the 27ix is absolutely amazing and I suspect it would probably be the same on the 860. The Shunyata Hydra is also worth investigating.

I've had two tricked out units from GNSC. My first was a WT-2000 Transport that had a ton of mods. The first time I heard it, I knew that the work that Steve Huntley does at GNSC is very special indeed. I was hearing a tremendous amount of detail and depth, amazing imageing, transparency etc. I never thought a transport could sound better. Then, this year, I got a 270se with a reference level mod from GNSC. It's everything the WT-2000 was, but so much more. I also visited the GNSC room at CES and listened to the 861se with Steve's mods. Steve knows how to get the sonics just right. I'm impressed with his emphasis on balance and tonal quality. One other thing. Steve is great to work with. If you start with a 861 and later want to add the SE transport....I'm sure you can do that. Bottom line: GNSC mods and service are unparalleled.