Wadia think I should put my new 270se on???

Looking for some recommendations for a platform for the new Wadia 270se. It sits about 6 feet away from 2 Vandersteen 2Wq subs....and i'd like to cut down on resonances.
Mine is going on a custom built Mana stand. I haven't had a chance to evaluate it yet, but email me in the next couple of weeks and I'll let you know. Mana has a cult-like status, and is upgradable. They have a website, and their US distributor, Flat Earth Audio, has a price list online.
I think you should contact Kevin from Silent Running Audio. I have my Wadia 850 on one of his platforms and really thought it was much better than my Symposium! Kindest regards, Joseph
I have tried my transport on the darumas and it was quite good. For more money I put it on rollerblocks and a symposium shelf and that has been great. I would try the darumas because they don't cost a fortune. the other suggestions are very good but not inexpensive. drop me a note if you have questions
Thanks to both of you!!!

Ejlif: Do you recommend an active Vibraplane?? Does the compressor make noise??

Rtn1: Did you provide Mana with the dimensions of the component?? I didn't see anything on the website about "custom". I do like the looks of those.
I have only tried the passive Vibraplane and have compared it directly to the Grand Prix Monaco. I like the Vibraplane better for the CD player, it's a little faster sounding than the Monaco, which suits my system better. The Grand Prix stuff is equally awesome, just different.

I have never heard the active Vibraplane, it does cost 3x as much. The passive version is pretty easy to use and will thrill and amaze you at what an improvment it will make
You may also want to talk to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He has some aftermarket carbon fiber cones that fit the Wadia perfectly. These a are an easy swap and I thought they made a wonderful improvement to my 861 that was modded by Steve. So, regardless of what you put the 270 on I'd look into this.
You might call Wadia to check. I believe they use bdr stuff- 3 #3 cones beneath a shelf, then the player supported by 3 #3 cones. But I haven't talked to them in a couple of months. I just do what they do (I have an 861)
if you have compared the 270 to the 270se I would appreciate your thoughts regarding the sonic differences between them. thanks
My Wadia 861 SE is on a set of aurios pros on a Black Diamond Racing Shelf. I found that the aurios enhance high level detail and soundstaging.
Mejames: I'm still waiting for my 270se which is currently receiving a Statement level modification by Great Northern Sound. I've never owned a stock 270 so unfortunately, I won't be able to make a valid comparison. I did have an extensively upgraded WT-2000S. I'll be interested to see how the 270se compares.
try a zoethecus stand