Wadia s7i output - to adjust or not to adjust?

I just purchased a Wadia s7i cdp. I've read discussions regarding Direct to amp or via pre-amp. I'm running direct into Bryston 7Bst's. I love the detail I'm getting but I also wonder about the the "Bass slam/Drive/fullness" goner's talk about when the connect via pre-amp. My output setting from the factory is in the correct range for volume level (I run between 75-100) My question is ...has anyone increased the output to try to get the "Slam" etc; even though they were already in the "Correct" volume setting...or did you feel you lost some of those precious "Bits" and it wasn't worth the change. I know I should just try it but it's not as easy as just flipping an external switch. Appreciate any shared experience regarding this.

When you say that you just purchased it, how long ago are you talking? My S7i has plenty of bass slam, drive and fullness.

Remember two things. The unit has to break in which takes a few weeks. Once it's broken in, if you turn it off, once you turn it back on it takes hours and hours for it to achieve it's optimum thermal operating temperature.

If it's broken in and you're leaving it on all of the time and you're not getting what you want from it, you may want to look into upgrading your amp.

If you're running the S7i in the 75-100 range, you're right where you need to be. But when I first bought mine, my Karan KAI-180 couldn't keep up with it. I bought a Burmester 036 and it couldn't keep up. I bought a Pass XA 30.5 that could, but it wasn't powerful enough for my speakers. I bought a Spectron Musician III Mk2 that serves it really well.

The S7i throws out an unbelievable amount of music that a lot of amps can't process fast enough. I imagine that the new bigger Bryston amps might be alright, but I've read that the older ones can't really touch the newer ones capabilties.

Just relax, you've got one of the best digital players out there. Enjoy it as it is for now, and when you have the time and money, start experimenting with your amp if you want. If you like your Bryston, look at the newest and bigger ones, or Pass, Plinius, Spectron or BAT. I'm sure that there's other brands too, you just probably need their top of the line amps.

I only have 50 hours on the CDP and about 25 hrs. on my XLO Sig 3. XLR interconnects so I'm probably jumping a little ahead. I do leave it turned on but not sure how many hrs before it's fully broken in. I'm very happy with it (speakers are Dynaudio Sapphires) but as you probably know that in this hobby we're always looking around the corner to the next improvement. (Do you know approx. how many hours before you felt your s7i was fully broken in?)
Thanks Krell_man.

No, I don't remember, but give it and the interconnects two or three weeks. You are playing a CD continuously, aren't you?

Which fuses have you put in the S7i and Bryston? Do you have the WA-Quantum fuse chips on the fuses? If you like tweaking, it's the next place to go. My four favorite fuses are: AMG Gold, Synergistic Research SR-20, HiFi-Tuning Supreme and finally the Furutech. The WA-Quantum fuse chips add a bonus to the fuses.

Those Dynaudio Sapphires really are nice!

Relax and enjoy the break in period.

it is also my experience, that you need time - I really like mine!! I use it through a passive Audio Consulting Silver Rock into MIPA amp, that allows me to stay in or nearest 100% and still able to turn it down, when need be..

Silver Rock are extremely rare, but you might find a Placette as an interesting test..