Wadia owners - Cables - Which do you own?

I just purchased a Wadia 21, 10/10 less than 50 hours. I have an ARC LS25MII pre, Classe 300 amp, Vandy 3A sig w/2WQ sub. Looking for natural (neutral) cables. Should I go balanced or single ended? PC recommendations?

Let me thank you in advance for your time. I read the forums here and even though I have been into audio for over 30yrs, your responses and info is invaluable. Thanks everyone!
I have owned a few Wadia's, 23, 850, 301, 20,25 and have found the Audioquest Diamond's and Cardas Golden Reference cables to work very well. Balanced is absolutely the way to go.
I was waiting for thread like this. I have recently been experimenting with silver ic's from Wireworld. I am really floored by what these cables can do. Their copper cables are outstanding in my system also. The soundstage is lit up and very detailed while being laidback at the same time.

Balanced cables work best in my system. Have fun!
Well, you will get as many cable recommendations as you get answers, I guess. I am more than happy with the Kimber Select 1130 feeding directly the 27ix's output into the amp.If your system allows balanced throughout you should go balanced!
I also tried Nordost SPM Reference. Much cheaper than the Kimber Select but not as perfect.
Good luck!
I highly recommend FMS "Nexus" line.
Most musical cables, which I ever had.
My system: Wadia 860x, BAT VK75 Se and Kharma Ceramique 2.2

Good luck, Jack
I am using Transparent Reference Balanced cables to connect my ARC Ref 2 MKI (preamp) and Wadia CD 861. It's pretty neutral. Balanced is the way to go for sure.
I've owned my Wadia 301 for about a year, and have finally
acquired the Diamond X3(balanced). I've tried others:
K/K, A/Q Lapis, and Synergestic Research. For me, the
Diamonds are the perfect match. More natural sounding to the others. And yes go balanced. Good luck.
My friend and I say go balanced all the way, I have a Wadia 8 and 15i modified by GNSC with Aural symphonics glass and he has a Wadia 2000s and 27 also modified by GNSC. We feel strongly that Vitual Dyanamics power cords and I/c make sound that is beyond reproach in dynamics and resolution, I strongly feel that it allows the Wadia to do things that you will be shocked to hear. We started off with one power cord on the dac 15i and were stunned with improvement in dynamics and resolution. Good luck in your search Dennis
I have a Wadia 850 with the Statement upgrade From GNSC. I have tried almost every powercord and interconnect I can think of from Audiquest,Cards,Jenna Labs,Kimber,Nordost and so on. I settled with Silent Source cables for powercord and interconnect on the 850.
I liked the Mappleshade Omega Mikro Planar IV Silver LCX interconnect the best by a very small margin over the Silent source but it was very fragile for were I had to use it,if my set up would have been different I would have keep Mappleshade. The Silent source cords are some of the best I personally have ever heard and at a very reasonable price. I would also go balanced IMHO. Not to change the cable question but you might also want to check with Steve Huntley at The Great Northern sound on possible upgrades to your 21.
Good Luck.