Wadia or Arc CD player?

Hello all, I have a bad case of upgrade fever...I have just recently rebuilt my 2ch system with Vandersteen 3Asigs, ARC LS25 pre and ARC VTM100MKII.
All Cardas Gold reference cables. Next piece to go for is CD player.
Currently using my Rega Planet 2000. I welcome your thoughts, I am impressed with the ARC line up and build quality thus far. Looking for a comparable CD player to drive this system. I would of course be looking for an improvement in sound quality over the Rega, but also important is a reliable product with service support.
What is your price range?
Well, I will be buying here on Audiogon. I have been looking at ARC CD3's for mid $2k and equally priced Wadia.
You have a similar system to mine- ARC tube gear, but I use Mirage M3si speakers or SoundLab Auras. I have a Wadia 301 cd player but find it to be too bright and clinical. The Wadia is okayish, but I really prefer my Krell KAV300CD. The Krell has all the detail of the Wadia, but much more musical and way better bass - the music seems much more lively. I do like things a little more aggressive and forward than most audiophiles, but with the Krell, I stop worrying how good the gear is and really get lost in the music.
I also found the Wadia too antiseptic. I am currently using an Audio Research CD player. If you like analog you will like the ARC. Audio Research CD players also have internal isolation, so they are not sensitive to what they are setting on. The sound is consistantly good.
I know I'm not aswering you question. But you should also put the Astin Trew AT3500 plus on your list. You should be able to buy a new one for around $2k I guess and it is very good. I can hold it's own against older more expensive CD players. I have no commercial intrest in Astin Trew nor any other audio brand.
I would ditto Rrog, the ARC CD-3 MKII would mate well with the other ARC equipment you have, the sound is very analog.
I've had both Wadia and ARC, currently using the ARC CD7 (haven't upgraded it). I much prefer the ARC. I'm thinking about upgrading myself and might make a buyer a good deal on the CD7 (not heavily used as I'm mostly a vinyl listener. If you want to consider the CD7 get in touch with me.

Regardless, I think you'd end-up preferring an ARC piece and it would all go very well in your system (the rest of my gear is ARC and Vandersteen).
Thank you for you responses, this will help me in quest!
Get the CD-3 mk II. ARC will service it forever. Most older Wadias use Sony KSS-151A laser pickups that are no longer available. Same for Pioneer stable platter mechhanism (Wadia 830, 301), which gets harder to source.
Elberoth2, That is good advice. I might add any ARC CD players prior to the CD3 cannot be repaired with laser assembly and transport issues since those parts have been discontinued.
I enjoy my ARC CD3MKII very much. I have had it since early 2007. Without going into all the technical listening jargon- it is very musical. It creates a large, open sound stage and finally, with some recent CDs, it even creates a sound stage beyond my speakers just as many records do. It is rock solid reliable and has played every disc I have put in without fail. I use MIT cables. I attached an MIT power cable to this CD player which made an improvement worth keeping. (I wish it hadn't, but it was significant enough to spend the $$$$.) That is the only tweek I have done to this player.
I do not know about CD1, but CD2 can be repaired, no problem. The CDM-12.4 mechanism that is used in CD2 is still available. No genuine Philips parts available though, only generic pickups made in China.
I'll take a dissenting view, based upon the ARC Ref 8. I thought the build quality was poor, particularly the transport. I also thought the presentation was smeared and colored.

The Wadia is not for everyone. It is very clean and precise. In some systems, it can sound dry. It needs very good supporting components and cables, along with a preamp. I think you need to listen to some of these and expand your choices.
Rtn1 - If you open any current Wadia player, and compare the flimsy, all plastic DVD-Rom drive Wadia uses to the cast aluminum Philips CD-Pro2 drive that can be found in all ARC players from CD-3 onwards, you would change your mind.

I agree that the aesthetixc side of ARC line is lacking in general (we somehow developed a liking for it over the years - talk about acquired taste) but the products are extreemly solid.
as a late addendum: I owned the 781i, and as much as I loved that player, the transport tray left me completely puzzled.
but nevertheless, i am still open for a step up - with wadia.