Wadia not correct speed???


I have a Wadia 381 cdplayer and at TW-Acoustic Raven One turntable. My problem is that when i correct the speed to 33 1/2 on my Raven with my KAB stroboskop for accurate speed, the speed/flow of the music dosent match the Wadia.
I`t is quit slower on the Wadia??????

I have tryed others stroboskop`s, but with same resoult!

What to do, what to do????????

It is my Wadia that need "service" or it is just comme that the speed dosent match each other on cd and turntables.

Is there others things that i can try, other that set the speed on the Raven, to match the Wadia. Witch i`m not happy to do!

Get a third digital opinion. A cheap cd player will do. I would tend to believe more timing errors reside in analog than digital. You can easly prove me wrong.
When you say "flow" do you mean pitch? Problem is, you never know whether your source material was mastered at pitch-accurate speed. Try comparing the same CD on the Wadia and another CD player to see if they play at the same pitch.
Digital sources often vary in frequency a little. This is a result of the tolerance of the crystal oscillator in it. This may be causing your problem.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
There is also a psychological effect to consider. I have noticed that when you upgrade a cartridge and get significantly more information, the music can "appear" to take longer to play, but actually doesn't. There could be a parallel here where there is significantly more information provided from an analogue front end.
Frequency response variations can also give significantly different impressions on the musical flow. I have heard different resissues/mixes of the same performance alter apparent timing to such a degree that I've had to recheck it was the same recording and performance.