Wadia iTransporter

Has anybody here tried this thing? Can you use one of the video outputs in order to display an On Screen Menu and use the iPod's menu system in conjunction with your television? Instead of buying a MAC mini one could simply buy an iPod, Wadia and DAC (pick one) and you should be good to go, am I missing something here? What could the draw backs possibly be?
As far as I know the iTransporter is not yet available. It is due to be released at the end of this month. In the meantime I have gone with an Apple TV.
Ipod won't play 24/96 files so you will be behind the curve right away.

Outside of DTS disc's what will play 24/96?
Lush, DVD format supports 24/96. My concern is if more companies offer high rez downloads in the future, you cannot take advantage of that with the wadia/ipod. You are better off purchasing a laptop or a mac for use as a server and a dac that accepts a 24/96 input.
24/96 can be played from a laptop using USB and the right USB converter or USB DAC. Also, you can use the Logitech Transporter and WiFi to play 24/96.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio

That's a fair call, but I like the idea of keeping my current DAC which doesn't accept 24/96 anyways so really I'm not out anything. My main question would be if it's smarter to buy a flash drive iPod such as the touch or a larger capacity such as the 160g classic. I have roughly 400 CD's currently and I'd like the idea of having up to 600-800 stored.
I am in a similar situation,my choice would be the 160g ipod classic with the iTransport,for backround non-critical listening.I read elsewere that the iTransport is rather expensive but my personal opinion is that in the high-end arena the asking price for the Wadia iTransport is peanuts compared to other items we regularly buy and so on.I am open to suggestions,comments as well.
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