Wadia itransport troubleshooting

I got one of these for x-mas and can't get it to work. I can't even tell if the thing is getting power. The cord comes in 2 pieces and they don't fit flush together. I have an ipod video with songs in apple lossless with the wadia connected to a cambridge azur cd player through digital inputs. Has anyone had problems like this. I've read people saying they got it to work in a few minutes. I've been at it for hours with no results.
I figured it out. I forgot to update my ipod software.
Damn those Apple guru nerds. Would like to hear your opinion of the Wadia in due time, grasshopper.
I just got the i170 and have my ipod classic as the source. The i170 digital out is connected to the Benchmark USB DAC and I think the sound is excellent. I have not done much A/B listening with my cdp but what I have heard leads me to the opinion that the i170/ipod combo sound is a little bit better than my (cheap?) Oppo 981. Now, I burned most of my ipod music at the default setting on my Macbook, so I reburned some of the music in lossless, and the difference is audible, especially in the bass, but overall better.
I had no problems with setup.