Hi, I missed Wadia room during CES, can anyone describe the sound and features of new iPod dock (ins, outs and all).

Thanks a lot.
I did not hear it playing. Literature indicates the iTransport has these outputs:

S/PDIF digital audio
high-res component digital video
analog audio
analog video
It will be interesting to hear how it sonically compares to the much more expensive Krell KID.

Good question. It just might upset a few......and makes the rest of us smiling.
Any word on DAC ??? I wonder if ext. DAC is a must with iTransport or its build-in DAC is up to the task +++++

I own SONOS but to get the most out of it, the pace car by Empirical Audio might be the only option.

This option is a well over a 1G, so if one can get Wadia + iPod + DAC = Sonos w/o mods.

What do you thing......?????
If you use the analogue outs then the ipod's DAC is used. Otherwise, allegedly a pure digital stream is sent to an outboard dac of your choosing through the RCA S/PDIF.
I see....., thanks Bar81.
Too bad nobody heard it. I only heard rumors (very positive).......but honest voice is still lost in the woods (that is you audiogoners).
I heard, very convincing. When I asked the exhibitor what the price was, I thought his $349 was just a joke, so I asked again, he smiled and said that is it. The sound was very similar to the CDP they had sitting below it. The dock makes for a good transport, which they put into the CDP below and used its DACS. I could not hear the difference from one to the other.
The ins-outs DON S states are correct, they had a very cool unit with custom flame painting on it, coooool.
This should help put the Wadia name into homes that could not normally afford their larger dollar units.
I love iPods, own three of them, but the idea of torturing an iPod by strapping it to an expensive external dock to create a truly high-end system seems like more of an interesting technical experiment than a reasonable way to spend money on good sound.

When you've gone to the trouble of bypassing the internal amp and the DAC of the iPod all that's left is a small hard drive and a very nice user interface, both of which you can get any number of other ways with greater capacity and for less money.
I think this thing is great. Can't wait to get one although I don't relish having to buy another new Ipod to take advantage of it.

I am sure we will hear more about "iWad" in the future.

I, for one will at least give it a shot when available.
sfar do you care to give some examples to what will be more productive way to get that results ? i really would like to know
regards yehuda

and sorry about my english
I just got the KID and I love it. I am new to the whole audiophile deal but I can tell you it sounds pretty good. I have a Marantz sa7 and I did a/b switch overs to listen to the difference. It was not huge, I am very happy with it. The remote isnt great, but the sound is. Love it!!