wadia & iPod, anybody happy with it?

I'm thinking about moving to sometype of music server or music streamer and the iPod / wadia dock solution appeals to me however I see a constant stream of wadia docks on here. My question is, is anybody loving this setup? If not why not? Thanks :)
I have moved most of my CDs to iPod through Mac iTunes using a combination of "uncompressed" formats, always with error correction. I did some listening comparisons between CD and iPod (using a Benchmark D/A) and have heard very subtle differences, mostly in favor of CD, but easily rationalized by the convenience of use with iPod. We can discuss the pros and cons all day concerning what source is kindest to the bits, but for the money and flexibility I really like the iPod/Wadia setup.
I switched to the iPod and Wadia combo 2 years ago and I have been very pleased in doing so; I wouldn't want to go back to a CDP again. I compared extensively to my Meridian G08 before I sold the G08. Just be sure to purchase a DAC that does a great job at reclocking the signal.
I have the Wadia/iPod combo also. The sound quality is on the same level as my CDP. My CDP has been rendered pretty much unused as a result of adding the Wadia/iPod combo.
I seldom play my CDP. The Wadia/I-pod combo works nice for me, as a matter of fact it sounds better than my CDP.. Would suggest a DAC ..Have the Channel Island dac combo.Very happy till now,but will eventually move to true music server, as you in this hobbie you are always looking for new tweaks.
Thanks guys. Couple of questions. First, I've heard the remote is pretty bad. Do you find it usable? Second, I thought it might be nice to send the screen to a small wall mounted TV to be sort of a "now playing" screen. Is that possible?
The remote for the 170 is poor but not unusable, I use it daily. The new 171 is supposed to have a better remote.

Your second question, no, not with the 170.
Not quite what you are asking, but I looked at one of these set-ups and wondered why do this when you can use iTunes on your computer and have a better interface, unlimited storage, and as big of a screen as you want. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod, but I love using my computer/iTunes as a source for home digital.
I have MSB Tech ilink and it is awsome I will never use a cd player ever again. I heard from a dealer at CES that
Wadia sounds real bad and has some issues
I heard from a dealer at CES that Wadia sounds real bad and has some issues
No experience here. My results says otherwise. There a number of reviews out there as well if the OP does some looking.
Wadia is coming out with another transport -- supposedly more functional -- look for it in September. I use the 170i now -- newly acquired -- a bit of a pain but makes you work on getting playlists tighter. Solid recommendations on upgrading the power supply are out there too. I am considering this.
I have the Wadia 170 with the ipod classic 160gb and to me it sounds good but not in par with my Mark Levinson transport BUT I believe the problem is with my rips that are all poor sounding mp3,I will need to re-rip when I get the time.
The remote is functional but its plastic card type and it looks and feels cheap.
I believe the 170 is a good product and certainly has it's uses,for example bring the ipod in from the car ,dock it on the wadia and you got instant tunes.

Jax, curious any particular reason why you're leaning towards the dock/pod solution over the NAS/server solution?

I have both solutions implemented in some way and both delivers sonically and of course on convenience, with the dock/pod solution limited only in terms of capacity, but then again I'm quite satisfied even with over 4k lossless files in it.

Btw, I see you completed significant upgrades from the last time I peeked at your system. Nice!