Wadia i170 and iPad?

I have a Wadia 170iTransport and a Peachtree DAC/integ amp that works great with my iPhone and iPod. Anyone have experience with connecting the iPad to the 170i using an extender cable like docXtender fron CableJive? Is the iPad compatible with the Wadia 170i? I know there are plans to introduce the 171i in 2011 but I don't really feel like buying another one, and according to Wadia there are no plans to offer upgrade deals.

I answered my own question!

One can connect the iPad directly to the Wadia 170iTransport with a $25 cable from CableJive called dockXtender. The sound is great and I have full functionality of my iTunes library from the iPad touch screen. The only problem is that it will not charge the iPad. Given the long battery life however I doubt this will be an issue for me.

Hope this helps anybody who has faced the same issue.