Wadia help Please!

Can some one please explain to me what the Wadia 2000 decoding computer Dac with a separate 201c power supply is? Is it a Dac that works with a Transport? How long was the Wadia 2000 made? How would it compare to a Bel Canto Dac-1? Thanks!
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hello i can help slightly. yes the 2000 works with a tranport.th orginal 2000 was a four box set up. i think upgrades got the box number to two.four boxes= the 2000 and it's power supply.and a wadia digilink 30 fiberoptic communicator.the communicator had three bnc inputs and one at&t glass output.supposedly the 30 had it's own power supply box.but the used one i picked had more of an upscale version of a wall wart sort of thing.(the wall wart works but the name wadia isn't on it/i guess it's somewhere in audioland.)the 2000 may have first reared it's head in 1989 or so and may have been in production until 1993? if my fave local audio store was open on monday; i'd have them check the blue book/sorry...the 2000 has rca and balanced and a iec type connector for power cords.depending on configuration the list price was $4995-$7995. i did web searches for info on the 1000/2000 ;i pulled down nothing but i blamed this on newness to the web lack of computer search skills.but i doubt there's much out there on this "arcane"eqipment.i got lucky and snagged an old issue of the absolute sound(#63) which is where i stole most of what i've typed.so i guess all of this was once true but with wadia's hyber upgrade scheme who knows what you'll run into.check on this some versions of the 2000 only have at&t glass input. no info on the bel canto ,love to hear it though...
arrghhh!ok re checked the ish the original 2000 power supply supposedly used three power supply cables.(i'm guessed one would be an iec type but who knows....)
The 201c was the flat final version power supply. If the unit has this it should also have the roc-loc and sledgehammer upgrades already. The. 1000 was less 3d sounding. Email me with any questions. I know these pieces well
don't know whether you noticed or not but Lak asked this question in year 2000 i.e. 12 years ago!!! You think that he might still be waiting for a reply????? :-?