Wadia Digital - S7i one-box cd player

I've been trying unsuccessfully to locate a dealer in the NY/NJ/PA area who can demo for me their S7i which garnered praise in our forums as well as some critical notice upon its release. Even their current rep, Sumiko, has been unresponsive. Does anyone know if Wadia is still in business and distributing products ?

I've enjoyed their 270/27i combo for 17 years, but time has taken its toll and I want very much to replace it with their current flagship product.


I own a fabulous S7i with the GNSC mods, and it is a joy.
Their have been always weird noises, but I had recently a remote control issue, which they promptly resolved with no big ado..
Wadia S7I available for audition
Audio Connection
Verona NJ 07044
973 239 1799
John Rutan
Last I heard John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona NJ had one on the floor and it was pretty spectacular. Wadia has been purchased by Fine Sounds who also purchased Audio Research, Sonus faber, McIntosh and others.
Anyway, wadia is now located at Audio Research's address and I believe are still making the same products as before as are Audio Research and McIntosh. So far, appears no major interference re product at these manufacturers, but definitely double duty for some employees at the new ARC location.
Beat me to it John.
Uh-oh - 'weird noises' - you mean from the transport, or where ?
And, recalling frustrating experiences the two times I had to return the 27i DAC for repair, what company resolved your remote issue ? I'm not sure who even owns Wadia anymore or how to contact them.
Doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Go to Audio Connection and listen to the S7i. I have one and believe that it's the best I've ever heard.

I've read that the GNSC mod optimizes the S7i to a new level, but also that the guy who did the work has retired. I haven't gotten any answers back even from Wadia itself.

I loved my 270/27i, listened to a dCS and Esoteric today and hated them.


The stock S7i is really special in its own right. Anything can be made better due to companies trying to hit price points.

If you like the Wadia sound and don't care for the dCS and Esoteric, give the S7i a listen.

I went from the 581se to the 781i and then to the S7i. Each step up was easily apparent.