wadia digimaster x-32

I got an old wadia digimaster x32 dac lately but it has not cables. It's inputs need either coax cable ( but not cable tv coax nor digital coax cable sold today ) or optical(but the optical input is different from today's dvd player). It's output is standard RCA. I wonder who knows how to buy the input cables (what tech specs are).
I believe what you are seeing is a BNC connector if I remember correctly. You need to buy an adapter or better yet have someone terminate one end BNC and the other RCA
The optical input is an ST Glass fiber connection, which is not compatible with the standard TOSLINK optical connection found on DVD players.

Soundwatts is right - the coax connection uses a BNC connector. As he said, the best option is to terminate the coax with a BNC connection on one end.
I have owned that DAC and its transport for 10 years and the best wire from the Transport to the DAC was AT&T glass fiber optic. Toslink would work also but not as well. And there was one more that would lock into the Transport like the fiber optic and the other end would go into the DAC like a RCA. I may have that one laying around the house so where.

But this is the one that worked best.
I had to look for myself and double check the BNC connector, soundwatts and Ghostrider45 are right. thatÂ’s the other cable. Be advised that the Glass fiber Optic cable was an upgrade that Wadia offer after about a year after that DAC came out, and some units may not have it.