Wadia debuts new Integrated

Looks to be a Devaliet competitor. Very modern looking,I am sure the WAF will be high.

At first look how funny this design seems to be inspired by Apple products. Let's call it the Wapple i-tuition ! ;)
I wonder if this means they will introduce high resolution inputs for all their dacs. They seemed reluctant to commit on the USB side, but wouldn't this be it?
Now that's just fugly,IMHO.
I think its cool looking-IMO
I prefer gear that looks like it was made by bespecticled dudes in white lab coats in 1956. Williamson! Hafler! The new-ish Rogers amp looks like they kidnapped an elderly former Dynaco employee from the rest home and refused him his soup until he used his liver spotted shaky fingers to outline a tube amp. This is exactly why I bought a Triumph Bonneville T100 in 2012. That, and the fact that it sounds great (with different than stock pipes).
Looks like somebody sat on it. DeVialet is much cooler in the looks department.
DeVialet is much cooler in the looks department.

They're fugly also. Again,IMHO.
It looks like it should be tasty...but it might need a little cocktail sauce.
I think it's part of a trend to a cleaner, simpler aesthetic. Less adorned and configured. NuForce is doing it along with Roksan, which I really like:
I find their new amp and CDP quite fetching.

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I'm not impressed

For me is (was) a Wadia product, a expensive but also highly sounding digital high-end products (CD, DAC and Transport), and with a design that we always recognize. What has this lifestyle design and a Class D amplifier to do with Wadia? I had expected, that Wadia would show us, that Wadia now again is a leading digital high end manufacturer, with a product that we associated with the company.

Instead, the Wadia (and the new owner) launched a product, where only the logo associated to the manufacturer.
US retail price will be about $10,000, and it's build in Italy! Shipping in the second quarter of 2013.