Wadia confirm a rumour

Have heard from several sources that Wadia cannot support repairs to any models pre 2000 as they do not have all tooling and inventory sourcing anymore. Have called Wadia several times to confirm this and they do not return calls.

This means that all pre 00 models are unrepairable when they go down. Can anyone confirm this likely news?
I recently talked with Wadia about an older player that I was thinking of buying and was told that the transport in it was no longer made and so could not be replaced if for some reason it spontaneously combusted or something. I believe that was the model 6; I didn't end up buying it. But they were very upfront about it, and although I didn't specifically ask your question, my overall impression was that they are willing and able to repair the older stuff. I would keep trying to get them on the phone; I'm surprised you weren't able to get through as I was able to get someone helpful on two different occasions without any difficulty (this was about a month ago).
No idea of teh rumour, but Wadia owners are fortunate to have Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound available to do repair work - of course, his work will be billable. I have yet to hear of anyone dissatisfied with his work or has not raved about his modifications to Wadia gear. I am thinking of having his Refernece Mod done to my 27ix this year.

Steve was with Wadia for many years in Engineering and later was VP of Sales/Marketing ( I think ). I believe he has surface mounts tools to do the most intricate of work.

otis: it is my understanding that the current owners of wadia (who had been the prior owners' first-position secured creditors) purchased only the assets of the foregoing company, which, of course, excluded the liability characterized as "warranty obligations." this is standard and prudent practice in "turnarounds" and purchases of "distressed going concerns." (it is also legally permissible under the magnusson-moss warranty act and cases interpreting that act and the common law of express and implied warranties.) those customers whose warranties were thus rendered void are fortunate to have at their rescue companies like great northern sound. -cfb
As mentioned in the above post....for anything out of warranty, you're much better off sending your gear to Steve Huntley at GNS (www.greatnorthernsound.com). The guy is no-nonsense and does a great job.
Steve repaired a Wadia 3200 for me and did a wonderful job, your better off just paying him because he wants to do a good job. It worked for me and it will work for you.