Wadia, Benchmark Questions..

I hooked up my Wadia 170i transport to my Benchmark DAC1 using the supplied co-axle cable. I then connected the Benchmark using the analog RCA output to the tape input on my Tandberg TR1050 Receiver. Sounds great. This model receiver has an extra set of RCA jacks on the back labeled Pre-out and Main In. I was wondering if I could bypass the receiver's pre- amp and just use the power amp? A new amp is coming but this set-up will have to do for now.
Also, I was wondering why the Blue Light on the Wadia does not light up when I'm playing the iPod? Am I not getting a digital signal? I tried hitting the mode button and re-inserting the iPod but it has yet to light up. Any thoughts would be helpful.
I can answer on of your question about the wadia. The wadia i170 blue light does not come on. It never worked even on the pre-production model. Yes you are getting a digital signal from the wadia even though the light is not on. If you open the unit up their is not even a light.
Yes you can plug the Benchmark straight into the power amp - it is quite capable of operation without a preamp.
I have a Carver receiver that has the same pre out set up. I'm not sure if the main ins allow another function as you describe. I can use it as a preamp and bypass the amplifier, but not vice versa. You mention you want to use the amp only but you have a new amp coming. Perhaps you meant the pre only? At any rate you should try using the pre only option as well with your new amp. I'm always amazed at how good my carver is as a pre when I'm between preamps. I'm also an advocate of a preamp even when it's optional. Wadia being one of the companies that advocates eliminating it but is my experience a good preamp will outperform bypassing it.
In addition to its function as a DAC, the Benchmark is also a preamp.
"In addition to its function as a DAC, the Benchmark is also a preamp."

And the signal path with or without volume control is identical.
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yes it has "U" jumpers and I want to bypass the Pre-Amp and just use the amplifier. So just plug the Benchmark into the "main in" and I will accomplish this,correct?
Is that really true about the blue light? It appears lit on the cover of Music Direct and an article in Stereophile mentions it coming on when the signal is pure digital.
Armyvet, my mistake. it is not lit on the cover of Music Direct.
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Now I hear what all the fuss is about. Running my DAC using only the Tandberg's amplifier is nothing short of amazing. A very big difference by-passing the receivers pre-amp. The volume output is now tremendous.
I am listening to Cello music through my Sony DVP-NH77H DVD player as my CD transport and a quality optical cable and I can almost see the resin from the bow falling out of my speakers.
My iPod never sounded better as well. A valid piece of audio gear for sure and a must have considering the price.
Thanks for all your input and guidance.