Wadia 921 sound / comparaison to EMM Labs

Hello fellow digiphiles!

At CES '2004 there were presented two new digital front ends, both certainly aspiring to the title of "the best of the best".

First, there was a new EMM Labs SACD transport feeding the DCC-2 DAC/preamp. Many audiophiles believe Meitner DACs are currently the best available.

And than you could see the new Wadia 921 DAC - a 3-box design/!!!/ (without a SACD transport, though, as we have to wait for it untill summer '2004).

What are your impressions of both presentations?

Don't you think a DAC in 3 boxes is really an overkill?
Think about all the cables, power cords, conditioners etc.
you would have to have to put these things working...

the 921 was more than just a dac. Sound of the Wadia was very nice, though the rest of the system was better than the supporting system in the meitner room, IMHO.

build quality (at least from the outside) on the Wadia seemed to be to a higher standard. will be interesting to see what they come up with for a SACD transport.