Wadia 9 compared to dCS

I'm curious if anyone out there has done a direct comparison of the Wadia 9 DAC against the new dCS Delius/Purcell combination. Presumably this kind of comparison would be done on a system with the ability to easily reveal the differences. I find the Wadia 9 to be a very satisfying performer, certainly more appealing than the current generation of Wadia gear. However I'm curous about the dCS gear as it has created quite a stir with most listeners. Unfortunately it is difficult to audition in dCS my area. Thanks for the feedback
Hey- I have auditioned the DCS Purcell upsampler (added it into the mix- I use Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated; Sim Audio Eclipse; Cardas Golden Cross; and Totem Mani-2's). OK, I only have one thing to say. It's now a no-brainer what my next upgrade will be (should I happen upon $5K USD somewhere!). The Purcell for sure. Its amazing. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. DCS has got it goin' on!! Sutts
hello mr sutts, Check out the audio stereo equipment review website, clik on the review pages, clik on the WADIA review pages, there's a very good review from an guy who's into these top players. by all means check it out.